Pearson Engineering to supply 1500 Track Width Mine Ploughs to Indian Army

By Army Recognition

With previous experience in integrating counter-mine capabilities with the T-72, T-90S, Arjun Mk1 Main Battle Tanks, and BMP-2 IFVs, Pearson Engineering is proud to be a current supplier to the Indian Army. Dr. Deepak Kumar Hota, Chairman and Managing Director of BEML said: “We are proud to be associated with the MoD to enhance the combat capabilities of the Indian Army. This is another example of BEML’s capability to meet the specific requirements for our armed forces. BEML signifies the true spirit of Make in India”.

Mr. Richard Beatson, Business Development Director at Pearson Engineering, said: “We are delighted to have received this important order alongside our partners at BEML. Having been committed to developing capability for India for many years, we look forward to further developing our relationships, both with the end-user and Indian industry.”

The track width mine plough will enable the Indian Army’s T-90 tanks to move through mined areas, whilst remaining highly mobile. Pearson Engineering has a long heritage in the supply and integration of mine ploughs to Armed Forces around the world.

BEML is a leading multi-technology company that plays a pivotal role in serving India’s core sectors of Defence, Rail, Power, Mining and Construction by offering world class products from state-of-the art manufacturing facilities located across India.

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