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Outgoing US Envoy To UN Berates China, Says ‘world Must End Taiwan’s Exclusion’

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Outgoing US ambassador to UN, Kelly Craft on January 21 berated China’s efforts for isolating and excluding Taiwan ahead of her dismissal from the White House. Craft spent her last 24 hours stressing that the US will always strongly support Taiwan and that will continue with the administration of newly inaugurated President Joe Biden.

“The US position on this matter enjoys universal bipartisan support,” Craft tweeted, “and so, even as the United States is preparing for a transition, I can speak with great confidence that the US-Taiwan relationship will continue to grow and strengthen.”

Furthermore, Craft called Taiwan a “force for good on the global stage,” adding that the island is “a vibrant democracy, a generous humanitarian actor, a responsible actor in the global health community, and a vigorous promoter and defender of human rights. Craft, a staunch supporter of Taiwan’s independent entry into the UN, World Health Organization, and the International Civil Aviation Organization, always condemned Beijing for treating the island nation as a renegade province.

Under the Presidency of Donald Trump, Taiwan’s relations with the US smothered as former president Trump, a strong critic of China’s communist regime lent extraordinary support to Taiwan in a diplomatic approach.

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