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No plans to put boots on the ground in Afghanistan: Army Chief

Recent reports suggesting that India is thinking about sending troops to Afghanistan to replace the withdrawing US servicemen from Afghanistan is not only fallacious but also against the stated stand of the Indian government not to get involved in the messy and intricate powerplay that has been ongoing for over two decades in Afghanistan.

According to Indian Army veteran, Brig NK Bhatia told Financial Express Online, “Interestingly, no demand for sending Indian troops to Afghanistan has ever been made by the Afghan government as it considers itself capable of taking on the challenge posed by the Taliban in the aftermath of US troops withdrawal from its soil.”

“India has committed to provide developmental aid for the people of unfortunate and hapless people of Afghanistan to benefit them directly through low budgeted projects and has been doing so with commitment braving the challenges of terrorism and loss of lives to its personnel. And has also been providing for substantial assistance in the field of education and healthcare for Afghan people by extending scholarships and medical aid,” Brig Bhatia says.

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