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Lohia’s aerospace venture to contribute to the $ 26 billion Aerospace and Defence exports targets by 2025

By SPS Mai

India aims to double and then treble its defence focused exports in the next five years and the Lohia Aerospace Systems, an aerospace and defence subsidiary of the Kanpur-based Lohia Group, intends to contribute in the effort by becoming a leading exporter of customized composite products to global customers.

With capacities and capabilities to design and manufacture composite products for the aerospace and defence sectors, the Lohia Aerospace Systems offers a wide range of composite products, through its best-in-class manufacturing facilities in two countries. The company’s composite experts have more than 100 years of combined experience in manufacturing composite components for the aviation, military and aerospace sector.

“Our products are customized to suit stringent client requirements and delivered to meet the highest quality standards for commercial, military and space applications,” said Pavitra Goel, General Manager-Marketing for Lohia Aerospace Systems.

The Beginning

In 2019, Lohia Group marked its entry into the aerospace and defence sector with the acquisition of Israel-based Light & Strong Limited. Specializing in composite components production, L&S’s established pedigree in aerospace technology manufacturing is a synergistic fit with Lohia Group’s decades long large-scale manufacturing expertise.

“We inherit a rich heritage of manufacturing excellence from our parent company – Lohia Group. With manufacturing units across seven countries in four continents, offices in 25 countries and clients in over 85 countries, Lohia Group defines quality,” said Anurag Lohia, CEO, Lohia Aerospace Systems.

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