Indian Defense Force Strategizes To Multiply Its Power Amid Two-front Threat By China, Pak

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The Indian defence force is undergoing transformation at multiple levels to check the threat of a two-front war as China and Pakistan get active together.

China has decided to build a road connecting the 800-kilometer Karakoram Highway with the Astor of Gilgit-Baltistan, occupied by Pakistan. With this step, Beijing and Islamabad are planning to increase the pressure on Ladakh.

To counter the nefarious attempts of the two countries, India is focused on a strong anti-infiltration grid and strategy to multiply its power through technology, diplomatic power, and restructuring its security line. On the western border, the Indian Army continues to neutralize terrorists each day.

According to sources, China wants to connect a former Buddhist font Yarkand and then the cultural heart of the Uyghur culture with Astor via the Karakoram highway. Once the 33-meter-wide road is built, China will be able to transport heavy artillery into Gilgit-Baltistan, posing a threat to the Indian side at forward locations in Ladakh.

India prepares for a two-front war
Astor district is to the west of Skardu, a division headquarters of Pakistan, from which is close to Ladakh. The headquarters of Astor is at Idgah and is one of the 14 districts of Gilgit-Baltistan. A low-quality road currently connects Idgah to the Karakoram highway. Analysts say that the construction of the new road will increase the capacity to start a two-front war against India in Kashmir.

The Indian Army has been monitoring and strategizing the threat situation and preparing to face the challenges accordingly. The technological contributions by DRDO have kept the Army strong along the LAC.

The Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force have been working on technological advancement, with specially designed weapons and equipment, depending upon the needs of the forces along the Northern borders.

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