Indian Army signs a contract with ideaForge worth $20 million to procure SWITCH UAV

By Jagran Josh

The Indian Army has signed a contract of approximately $20 million with ideaForge in order to procure undisclosed quantities of high-altitude drones which will be delivered over a period of 1 year.

ideaForge has been awarded the contract for a high-altitude variant of its SWITCH Unmanned Air Vehicles- UAV or drones after the company emerged as the only vendor that successfully qualified the operational requirements in an evaluation which was done in real-world conditions, for a fast-track procurement.

The contract signed by the Indian Army marks a strategic shift in the procurement process of the Indian Army as it goes on an aggressive modernization drive. This deal has also cemented ideaForge’s position as the largest manufacturer of India of drones for homeland security, defence, and industrial applications.

It is an indigenous system that has been built to cater to the most demanding surveillance operations of the Indian Forces. This Fixed-Wing VTOL- Vertical Take-off and Landing UAV can be deployed easily at harsh environments and high altitude for day and night surveillance in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance- ISR missions.

SWITCH UAV is man-portable and also has the highest time on target when compared to any other Unmanned Air Vehicles- UAV in its class.

Development of SWITCH UAV:
The CEO of ideaForge, Ankit Mehta while speaking on the development of SWITCH UAV mentioned that it is the culmination of knowledge and insights that the company has gained over the years of experience to help the Indian defence forces operationalize UAVs in their ranks.

It is also the only product that passed the stringent product trials and surpassed expectations of the Indian Army.

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