Indian Army gets ready for ‘swarm’ drone attacks | Know all about the aerial warfare tactic

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The Indian Army has enhanced its drone capabilities, inducting 75 indigenous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that can also be used for combat missions to target enemy positions.

The combat drones that were part of the ‘swarm technology’ display at the Army Day Parade on January 15 have been inducted in phases since August 2020, boosting army’s surveillance capabilities and also bringing in an element of surprise to carry out targeted strikes to assist troops on the ground.

Initially, only five of these drones were bought in August 2020 but in the last few months, as tensions escalated with China in Ladakh and spiking ceasefire violations by Pakistan at the Line of Control (LoC), more of these were purchased, officials said.

What are swarm drones?
The drones being unleashed in a bunch is a tactic called swarm drone technology. Not only are these drones light weighted and low cost but the high-tech artificial intelligence enables these to be crucial in future warfare.

Swarm drones can create havoc as it is part of deception warfare with radars or air defence systems often unable to pick up the multiple drones but see it as one big object. The technology is used worldwide. In 2018, two Russian military bases were attacked using swarm drones in Russia.

Drone formations such as these employed to take down multiple targets simultaneously are often referred to as “Kamikaze missions”. Drones are expected to play a huge role in future wars; recently what we saw in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Drones offer highly stealthy capabilities that can be matched with very few other devices. It was the go-to option for the Iranians when they planned an attack on Saudi’s Abqaiq oil facilities in 2019.

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