Indian Army Day 2021: BRAHMOS, the unparalleled weapon system

By free press journal

Indian Army, one of the largest standing armies in the world, has proved its mettle in a number of battles and military operations, and carved a distinct niche for itself and the nation.

Not deterred by the spectrum of threat, the Indian Army soldier, infused with set of values, is prepared to face challenges in adverse climatic conditions and trained to protect the nation’s integrity and sovereignty. The Indian Army has time and again lived up to its tradition of valour, heroism, sacrifice and fortitude.

Given India’s volatile neighbourhood, it is imperative that the armed forces are well-stocked with appropriate arms and state-of-the-art weapon systems. The induction of the BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile system has given the Indian Army the much-needed capability and punch to undertake deep surgical strikes.

The advanced weapon system, with its versatility, potentiality and striking capability, has maintained a leading edge over world’s other missiles. BRAHMOS is capable of flying at a top speed of Mach 3 and is extremely lethal in striking down an enemy target in no time. The supersonic speed of the missile also makes it difficult for interception by the enemy’s air defence system.


The missile, with pinpoint accuracy, can be launched at targets from long distances. The missile has successfully demonstrated its speed, precision and power numerous times from naval ships and Mobile Autonomous Launchers. The launches have been carried out in sea-to-sea, sea-to-land, land-to-land and land-to-sea configurations.

The mobile land-based configuration of BRAHMOS has achieved several advancements over the years in the form of Block I, Block II and Block III variants with each having its own distinct potentiality to hit and destroy enemy target.

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