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Indian Air Force Base Near China Border Gets ‘Fighter Shelters’ That Can Withstand 2000-Pound Bomb

The Indian Air Force is believed to have completed the construction of next-generation hardened aircraft shelters (NGHAS) at the Chabua Air Force Station in Assam, close to the China border. The specialized structures are capable of withstanding a 2000-pound bomb.

These structures comprise layers of reinforced concrete, sand, and steel. They can protect aircraft from direct hits by a 2,000-pound bomb. In 2019, the Indian government had given the nod to construct 108 modern shelters to house fighter aircraft in the forward areas close to India’s northern borders.

Satellite images shared by open-source intelligence Twitter handle @detresfa_ show the newly developed NGHAS at the Chabua Air Force Station in Assam. “After supporting operations during World War II and the 1962 India-China tensions, the Chabua Air Force Station in Assam looks to be completing its new NGHAS specialized structures,” it says.

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