India, Pakistan square off at UN on resolution on protecting religious sites

By Hindustan times

India and Pakistan squared off at the UN over a resolution on safeguarding religious sites around the world, with the Indian side criticising Pakistan for co-sponsoring the move weeks after the demolition of a Hindu temple

The resolution on “promoting a culture of peace and tolerance to safeguard religious sites” was sponsored by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and several other members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

It was passed unanimously on Thursday after Saudi Arabia and Morocco piloted delicate negotiations on a consensus text.

The resolution condemned all acts of violence and destruction directed against religious sites around the world and denounced “any moves to obliterate or forcibly convert any religious sites”, while strongly deploring violence against people on the basis of their religion or beliefs.

It also expressed concern about an increase in instances of racial and religious intolerance and stereotyping and condemned any advocacy of national

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