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India maintains capacity to counter border provocations by China, says declassified White House document

The White House on Thursday (January 14) released a declassified document asserting that India has the capacity to counter border provocations by China. The document, which runs into 10 pages, was recently declassified in part by US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien.

Now posted on the White House website, the outgoing Trump administration’s ‘The Framework’ recognises that a free and open Indo-Pacific depends on robust American leadership.

The document said, “India maintains the capacity to counter border provocations by China,” adding “India remains preeminent in South Asia and takes the leading role in maintaining Indian Ocean security, increases engagement with Southeast Asia, and expands its economic, defence, and diplomatic cooperation with other US allies and partners in the region.”

“A strong India, in cooperation with like-minded countries, would act as a counterbalance to China,” it further added.

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