India fulfilling commitment towards humanity, some countries fomenting terror: India slams Pakistan at UN

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India, on Monday, indirectly slammed Pakistan for fomenting terror and undertaking disinformation campaign at a time when the world is fighting a pandemic in the form of COVID-19.

India’s Deputy Permanent Representative at the United Nations, Ambassador K Nagaraj Naidu said that at a time when countries like India have launched vaccination drives and are reaching out to the global community with the vaccine, these ‘globally recognised state sponsors of terrorism’ have ramped up the ínfiltration activity’.

“These globally recognised state sponsors of terrorism have used the pandemic to ramp up recruitment and infiltration activity to spread the venom of terror. The international community needs to hold them accountable for their actions,” he said without naming Pakistan.

“While countries like India have launched vaccination drives and are assisting others during the pandemic, there are countries which continue to foment terror and indulge in hate speech and widespread disinformation campaigns,” said Naidu.

Largest vaccine producing country in the world plans to vaccinate 300 million
Naidu said that as the largest vaccine-producing country in the world, India is fulfilling its commitment towards the entire humanity.

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