India a ‘bipartisan success story’ for US, the ties can be deepened in many ways — Blinken

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India has been a “bipartisan success story” for successive US administrations, and the concept of Indo-Pacific strategy was chalked out to work with New Delhi to counter China, incoming US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said Tuesday.

In his testimony to the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Blinken said India has been “very much a bipartisan success story over successive administrations” be it from the Bill Clinton administration to George W. Bush, then Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and that this will continue to make progress under the Joe Biden government.

“It started with … toward the end of the Clinton administration after the nuclear tests when relations were put back on a better footing. Under President Bush we secured a peaceful nuclear cooperation agreement with India,” Blinken said.

He added that it was incoming US President Biden who “led the efforts” at that time to get the nuclear deal approved by the Congress.

“And during Obama administration, we deepened cooperation with India, particularly in defense procurement area and also on information sharing

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