Imran Khan says he is looking forward to work with Biden for ‘promoting peace’

By Hindustan times

Pakistan is looking forward to work with the new President of the United States, Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted as Joe Biden took oath as the 46th president of the US. Imran Khan also mentioned areas where his country wants to work with the US, and regional peace is one of them.

“Look forward to working with @POTUS in building a stronger Pak-US partnership through trade & economic engagement, countering climate change, improving public health, combating corruption & promoting peace in region & beyond,” Imran Khan tweeted in both English and Urdu.

Pakistan’s proximity with China changed the dynamics of US-Pakistan relationship in the Trump regime. In 2018, Donald Trump stopped all financial and security aid to Pakistan, citing lack of cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

As Biden is now at the helm of US presidency, alliances are likely to be rewritten. In his inauguration speech too, Biden talked about repairing alliances, of leading “not by the example of power but by the power of the example”.

Biden’s defense pick Gen Lloyd Austin has recently expressed his understanding of India and Pakistan.

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