Exclusive: As Chinese survey ships map Indian Ocean, experts raise defence alarm

By India Today

Expansive mapping of the Indian Ocean Region by Chinese vessels in the name of research close to the Indian waters could be used by naval planners, an analysis by Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) experts tracking the movement of these ships over the last two years shows.

Extensive monitoring of marine traffic movements in the Indian Ocean Region by OSINT experts like H.I. Sutton (@CovertShores), @detresfa_ and @AuroraIntel shows how the data being gathered in the name of research for civilian purposes could also be crucial for military use.

Some of these survey ships were also spotted close to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Naval expert Sutton and Naval News have shared exclusive details of movements of these research vessels in the Indian Ocean Region with India Today.

Chinese ship that went ‘dark’
A Chinese survey ship, the Xiang Yang Hong 03, previously operating in the Indian Ocean is now in the South China Sea. The ship is allegedly carrying out a host of operations which include the mapping of the seabed and recording of various other parameters and metrics involving the region.

This ship sparked a controversy last week for its suspicious activities when it was accused of ‘running dark’, without broadcasting its position in Indonesian territorial waters.

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