DRDO Develops ‘Him Tapak’ To Aid Jawans In Ladakh Survive Sub-zero Temperatures

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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed multiple products such as the ‘Him Tapak’ heating devices and snow melters to help soldiers survive the extremely low temperatures. More than 50,000 Indian Army officers are deployed in Eastern Ladakh.

Indian Army has placed an order of more than ₹420 crores for ‘Him Tapak’
The Indian Army has placed an order of more than ₹420 crores for ‘Him Tapak’ space heating device (Bukhari) that has been developed for the Army officers deployed in Eastern Ladakh, Siachen and other high altitude locations, DRDO’s Defence Institute for Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) Director Dr Rajeev Varshney told ANI. He assured that the device will not let any jawan die due to backblast and carbon monoxide poisoning.

DIPAS, which conducts physiological and biomedical research to improve human performance in extreme temperature and environment has also developed ‘Alocal cream’ that helps in preventing frostbite chilblains and other cold injuries to soldiers deployed in the hilly terrains.

A ‘flexible water bottle’, which is also developed by DIPAS can withstand temperature from minus 50 to 100 degree and the water inside the bottle won’t freeze due to cold. It will help address the issue of drinking water problems in freezing temperatures. An order for 400 such bottles from CRPF has been recieved.

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