Bad News For Boeing: Norwegian To Dump 787 Dreamliners As It Ends Long-Haul Flights

By Forbes

This week Norwegian Airlines announced the end of its famed low-cost, long-haul flights that took budget passengers all over the world. Indeed, the airline in 2019 was the largest foreign carrier in New York, carrying more than two million passengers to Europe and other destinations.

Hoping to survive COVID-19 and a sea of red ink, Norwegian will now concentrate on its Nordic and European network. The failure of Norwegian’s long-haul service has resulted in contraction and job losses for the airline. Soon, it will also result in the departure of its long-range aircraft. Anyone want to buy 37 used Boeing 787 Dreamliners?

Norwegian’s current plan is to serve Europe with 50 narrow-body aircraft in 2021. While the narrow-bodies are easier to fill and cheaper to fill, this will also put Norwegian into head-to-head completion with Ryanair and other discount airiness. If all goes well Norwegian plans to increase the fleet to around 70 narrow-body aircraft in 2022.

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