73.7 per cent Indians want Tibet’s status as buffer zone to be restored to prevent border conflict with China

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A majority of Indians want restoring Tibet’s historic status as a buffer zone in order to prevent border conflicts between India and China.

Responding to IANS C-Voter Tibet Poll question ‘Do you think it is important to restore the historic status of Tibet as a buffer zone or a zone of peace in order to prevent border conflicts between India and China’, 73.7 per cent of the respondents answered in affirmative while 13.8 per cent said ‘No’.

12.6 per cent Indians said they couldn’t comment on the matter.

80 per cent Indians support free Tibet
The survey was conducted based on a sample size of 3,000 people spread all over the country.

In terms of gender, 13.4 per cent male replied they couldn’t comment, 72.8 per cent agreed with the query, while 13.8 per cent said ‘No’. Among females, 74.7 per cent agreed, 13.7 per cent answered in the negative, while 11.7 per cent said they couldn’t comment, IANS reported.

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