When Indian soldiers proved their mettle in the defence of Poonch and battle of Zozilla

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Following the resounding success of the first season of ‘Tales of Valour’, a factual documentary series featuring the valiant stories of bravery by the Indian soldiers, Times Network is back with the second season.

Presenting a well-researched account of the crucial battles, the docu-series brings a clear picture on the military history of independent India. Visually recreating the historic scenarios and circumstances using animation, Tales of Valour Season 2 captures actual locations of the battles, war memorials, reels of unseen archival footages and pictures of the wars.

The first episode of season 2 talks about the defence of Poonch and the battle of Zozilla. The Indian army landed in Srinagar in October 1947 and pushed the raiders out of the valley soon after. Since the Indian Army’s initial thrust was concentrated in the valley, towns in Jammu Province came under enemy threat. It was only after Uri came under India’s control on November 14, 1947 that New Delhi could send in help to the state force garrisons in Poonch, and other garrisons.

Troops under Brig Pritam Singh were sent to Poonch and were fighting for six months when a link up operation named ‘Operation Gulab’ was launched in June 1948. Stiff resistance from the enemy at Mendhar and some parts of Rajauri was dealt with and siege of Poonch was finally over in September 1948.

Much like the rest of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh also came under enemy threat simultaneously, and before the Indian Army could react, Gilgit and Baltistan fell into enemy’s hands.

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