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US turns heat on China with tough new policy on Tibet and Taiwan

By Times of India

President Donald Trump and the US Congress have upped the ante on China, legislating new policy aimed at challenging Beijing’s efforts — acquiesced for years by Washington — to bully Tibet and Taiwan into submission.

Contained in the massive spending bill signed into law by President Trump on Sunday night is the Tibet Policy and Support Act (TPSA), which bolsters support for autonomous conduct of Tibetan affairs and calls for the establishing of a US consulate in Lhasa, and the Taiwan Assurance Act which strengthens military ties with Taiwan.

Coming on the heels of China’s massive indoctrination efforts in Tibet, including setting up military camps, the TPSA reaffirms the rights of Tibetans to choose a successor to their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, while mandating sanctions on Chinese officials who interfere in the selection.

The TAA supports Taiwan’s meaningful participation in United Nations bodies while normalising regular arms sales and strengthening its defense capability.

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