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Terror attempt to target J&K temples foiled, three arrests take place

On Sunday, police claimed to have foiled a terrorist attempt to target temples in the border district of Poonch with the arrest of three terrorists linked to Pakistan, in addition to recovering six grenades from them. It is said that the trio is affiliated with the newly floated terror outfit J&K Ghaznavi Force.

Two of the outfit’s international terrorists were killed in an encounter at Poonch Dogrian on December 20. Security forces obtained crucial clues after continued interrogation of the trio and raided Mustafa’s residence in the Galutha Harni area of Mendhar, from where six grenades and other incriminating evidence, including J&K Ghaznavi Force posters, were recovered.

The SSP claimed that the three had daily contact with their Pakistani handlers, who had ordered them to carry out terrorist attacks. Interrogation further revealed that terrorist attacks were being planned at religious sites in Poonch in an attempt to trigger communal tension in the region, he said, adding that some videos of the handling of grenades were found on the defendant’s cell phones. Watch Here

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