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Submarine Day: Its INS Kalvari connection and everything you want to know

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Submarines across the globe represents the cutting edge of a navy’s offensive capability. Therefore, the importance of a potent and contemporary undersea warfare capability with submarines cannot be over-emphasized. The Indian Navy every year celebrates December 8, as Submarine Day, as on this day on in 1967, the first submarine, erstwhile INS Kalvari was commissioned.

Because on this day the Indian Navy got its first submarine when its Ensign was unfurled on INS Kalvari — becoming the first submarine to be inducted in service in 1967, at Riga in Latvia, the erstwhile USSR.

About the first INS Kalvari
After serving the Indian Navy for almost 29 years, the first-ever submarine of the Indian Navy was decommissioned. The name Kalvari is the Malayalam name for Tiger Shark which is a predator in the Indian Ocean.

The first submarine Indian Navy got was a diesel-electric submarine of the Foxtrot Class from the erstwhile USSR.

The 91.3-metre-long submarine carried a crew of 75 and had a surface speed of 16 knots while the submerged speed was 15 knots.

The range was 32,000 km at a speed of 8 knots when on the surface and a submerged range of 610 km at a speed of 10 knots.

It had the capability to carry around 22 torpedoes and in lieu could carry 42 mines.

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