Pilots ask for resumption of old salary, will airlines play ball?

By moneycontrol

Two mails – one from a pilots union and the second from an anonymous aviator – on successive days have brought back the spotlight on what once was the probably the most coveted resource in aviation.

The mails, lamenting the salary cuts and ‘unnecessary stress’ on pilots, surfaced even as airlines have talked about improving traffic numbers and hopes of reaching pre-COVID-19 levels by the first quarter of 2021. But pilots complained their salaries remain low, and there doesn’t seem to be any attempts to normalise them.

The first mail, on November 30, was from Air India pilots unions – Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association and Indian Pilots’ Guild – addressed to Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri. Requesting an ‘urgent’ meeting, the unions said that they “fail to understand why barbaric austerity measures apply only to Air India pilots.”

Pointing out to Puri’s earlier remarks that domestic traffic will normalise by the end of the year, the letter says that while other airlines have started rolling back austerity measures, “the wage cut for Air India pilots further increased from October 2020.”

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