Has US President-elect Biden’s promise to work with India rattled China?


After provoking India militarily, China recently claimed that COVID-19 originated in India. Now, it is trying to build dams to control water supply. What is driving China’s behaviour? Has the incoming Biden administration and its promise to work with India against China rattled Beijing?

In the United States, Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on much these days. But they agree on one thing. They believe that China under Xi Jinping presents a threat to global security. Beijing, well aware of this has been cautious about dealing with US President-elect Joe Biden.

Xi Jinping waited for weeks before sending his congratulations. The Biden administration is making plans to contain China, and it wants India’s help. Joe Biden’s candidate to replace Mike Pompeo is Antony Blinken, who wants India to be a key American partner in dealing with China from a position of strength.

While speaking to Indian Americans earlier this year, Blinken said that India and the US “have a common challenge which is to deal with an increasingly assertive china across the board, including its aggression toward India at the line of actual control, but also using its economic might to coerce others”.

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