Terror flow across Durand Line should stop: India slams Pakistan for destabilising Afghanistan

By Zeenews

In a strong statement India has slammed Pakistan at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for destabilising Afghanistan, saying, “terror flow across Durand Line should stop”. Durand Line is the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

India’s envoy to United Nations, TS Tirumurti speaking at Arria Formula Meeting of United Nations Security Council said, “There needs to be zero tolerance of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations…It is important to ensure that no one provides sanctuary to terrorists who threaten Afghanistan or any other country in the region. Those who do so must be held accountable.”

The number of terror attacks in Afghanistan has had links in Pakistan, and the long porous border has helped the easy movement of terrorists. Report of the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team under the Al-Qaeda/Da’esh Sanctions Committee of UN has pointed out the presence of foreign fighters in Afghanistan, many of which include Pakistani nationals.

Tirumurti also pointed out, how Pakistan has not allowed “full transit rights to Afghanistan”, hindering trade and connectivity between India and Afghanistan. He explained, how it is being used by “States to extract a political price from Afghanistan” and “the international community should discourage medieval mentalities and work towards removal of artificial transit barriers imposed on Afghanistan”.

To increase connectivity, India has started an Air corridor with Afghanistan and also via Chabahar port in Iran. In fact, amidst the COVID pandemic, New Delhi sent 75000 MT of wheat to the country to deal with the crisis.

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