Rafale will be wreaked havoc on enemies, it will increase manifold in strength when equipped with Hammer missile

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The second batch of Rafale fighter aircraft has arrived in India amid the ongoing tension along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh with China. With the addition of three more Rafale fighter aircraft to India, the strength of the Indian Air Force has increased. These powerful aircraft are already going to be more powerful. Now these fighter jets are going to be more powerful, because now they will be equipped with Hammer missile. The Hammer means the Highly Agile and Maneuverable Munitions Actuated Range (Hammer), an air-to-ground missile kit. It moves via rocket.

In fact, France has agreed to equip the Indian fighter aircraft Rafale with a hammer. Explain that Rafale is already equipped with deadly MICA, Meteor and SCALP missiles. But now Rafale’s strength will increase further after being equipped with Hammer missile. According to the reports, the Hammer is a very dangerous weapon, which can be launched from a very long range of 70 km from a very short distance even without GPS.

France handed over 5 more Rafale fighter jets to India, Chinese J-20’s to become ‘Kaal’

Agreement was reached between the government of India and France
According to reports, the Hammer contract was signed between the governments of India and France in September 2020 and a large number of weapons will be delivered by the end of this month to the Golden Arrow Squadron of the Indian Air Force Station in Ambala. Defense cooperation between India and France is such that Hammer weapons were usually to be delivered to the Indian Air Force within a year, but the French Air Force with limited arms in its inventory to meet New Delhi’s immediate need Has decided to participate.

3 Rafale, 5 jets have already arrived in India after landing non-stop from France under tension from China

How will the hammer weapon benefit?
The Hammer weapon can be used for simultaneous attacks on multiple targets and its maintenance costs are also low. With data link capability, the Hammer weapon is aware of combat-like environments and is fully flexible to hit targets. Explain that Rafael is on the frontline of Combat Air Force, which is on high alert due to the aggression of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) at four points along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Rafael reached India without stopping
Let me tell you that the Indian Air Force told that the second batch of Rafale planes flew non-stop from France and reached India at 8:14 pm on Wednesday night. This means that Rafael has reached India from France without stopping. 3 Rafale fighter jets came from Istress in France to Jamnagar in Gujarat. Significantly, in France, Indian Air Force fighter pilots are already using seven Rafale fighter jets for training.

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