Pakistan’s allegations at UN are laughable but India can’t take them lightly

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Pakistan is certainly on the war path, and not just on the Line of Control, where incidents of firing have escalated causing civilian deaths and forest fires even as security forces noted a rise in infiltration.

The Imran Khan government has resorted to making sweeping allegations against India, presenting dossiers to officials at the United Nations on alleged Indian assistance to terrorists and accusations of sabotaging the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. At one level, the charges are laughable. At another, it’s worth admitting that Pakistan is adept at spreading its allegations, particularly in the US. Ignoring this, as we usually do, may not be good enough. Mud sticks.

The brief to the envoys of the five permanent representatives to the UN Security Council, on alleged India-sponsored terrorism, occurred days after presenting dossiers directly to the UN Secretary General. Earlier, Pakistan was tom-tomming the compilation of yet another dossier covering ‘Indian action’ at three levels. First, it alleged that New Delhi supported and executed terror attacks in Pakistan and used its banks to finance terrorists.

Second, it failed to punish perpetrators of terrorist attacks against minorities in India. Third, and most interesting of all, India was becoming a centre of terrorist activity. That’s quite a bagful of mischief.

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