Pakistan looking to buy more drones, begins discussions with Turkish firms

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Whether it is for snooping on Indian army positions or for dropping weapons to terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan is looking for drones. In the wake of the security forces shooting down a drone in the Kathua area of Jammu and Kashmir two days ago, there are reports of Pakistan’s efforts to buy more drones.

The Pakistan armed forces conducted trials for the S-250 mini UAV trials at Mangla at the 506 UAV base workshop. This was for a week beginning on September 3. Right after that, another series of trials were held in the 12 Infantry Division area between 8-18 September.

These mini UAVs are primarily for surveillance and can be in the air for about three hours. They have a range of 150 km. Pakistan is also looking for the S-350 UAV and there have been trials at Gwadar, Muzaffarabad, and Turbat, in Balochistan. It can be in the air for over four hours and has a range of 280 km.

Pakistan has also begun discussions with Bogazici Savunma, a Turkish firm, for the ILTER drone detection and neutralization systems. These systems can detect drones from a distance and jam their surveillance devices.

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