India’s Maritime Theatre Command structure: Know more about it

By Financial Express

Next month the Vice Chief of Naval Staff (VCNS) is expected to hand over the study related to the formation of the Maritime Theatre Command (MTC) to the CDS. The model proposed in the study is expected to be implemented in 2022, with no liabilities towards the creation of additional posts or ranks i.e. an Organisation structure to be culled out from the existing Command Structures of each of the services.

Since the Indian Navy is the smaller than the other two services (Indian Army & Indian Air Force), it shall be first seeing the implementation of MTC, though now with larger assets under its belt.

`Peninsular Command’ is MTC

Earlier this year the CDS in a media interaction had announced his plans of merging the Western and Eastern Command and it was then called `Peninsular Command’, however, since then the name has been changed to the Maritime Theatre Command.

“The MTC may take some time to be fully operationally and well established but shall be a trendsetter for the other two tri-services theatre commands, which are also planned to be created in the next two years. The Integrated Air Defence Command headed under the purview of Indian Air Force shall be more complex activity since IAF assets under the Chief of Air Staff needs a centralized re-location,” Milind Kulshreshtha, C4I expert says.

“The Commander-in-Chief (CINC) of MTC is to report to the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee headed by the CDS. Now, the role of Navy Chief when the operational role has been re-aligned shall mainly be focused on ‘Raise, Train and Sustain’ the Naval assets.

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