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Indian Army sources 20,000 extreme winter clothing gear from US for troops posted in Ladakh

Indian Army has received the initial consignment of extreme cold weather clothing from the United States, which will help the troops weather the extreme temperatures in Eastern Ladakh on China border.

“The initial lot of 20,000 extreme cold weather clothing from the American defence forces have been received and are being used by our troops,” top government sources told India Today.

The Indian Army maintains a stock of 60,000 of these extreme cold weathers clothing sets for troops deployed in the entire Ladakh region, including both on the western front in Siachen and eastern Ladakh sector.

This year, there was an additional requirement of around 30,000 of these sets as close to 90,000 troops are deployed in the region in view of the conflict and standoff with the People’s Liberation Army along the LAC.

The emergency acquisition of the extreme cold weather clothing will help the Indian Army troops to see through the harsh winters in the Ladakh sector.

The Indian side has deployed two additional divisions on the LAC which have been brought to the sector from plains and a mountain division which has been training for high altitude operations for years. India is sourcing a lot of equipment from US, including assault rifles, for the special forces along with the SiGSauer assault rifles for the infantry troops.

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