‘India Will Not Keel Over and Fall Backwards’: Foreign Secretary on Border Standoff With China

By News18

India remains firm and resolute in ensuring that its sovereignty and territorial integrity is protected and will not keel over when it comes to border issues, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said in London on Wednesday. He said that following a build-up of troops, multiple transgressions and attempts to unilaterally change facts on the ground by China, there have been several levels of talks and a fair amount of communication to ensure that the matter can be resolved through negotiation and diplomacy.

“It does not help any country to go into aggression. We are not going to be pushed over or keel over and fall backwards. We are not a pushover,” he told reporters, when asked for an update on the border situation on the final day of his tour of Europe.

“But at the same time, we are not jingoistic. We are not ready to go to war when you can settle issues through negotiation and diplomacy. We are reasonable but also firm and resolute in ensuring that our sovereignty and territorial integrity is maintained and protected,” he said, in reference to India’s stance over the Chinese aggression on its border earlier this year.

Laying out some facts from India’s point of view, the Foreign Secretary pointed out that China is in illegal possession of 38,000 sq km of Indian territory, in addition to which 5,000 sq km was illegally ceded by Pakistan to China of Indian territory in Jammu and Kashmir. “But in recent issues, we have held our own. So, if there are references to territory being lost, that is not true,” he said.

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