India seeks ‘ahead of the curve’ approach in ties with West Asia, Gulf: MEA official


With West Asia and Gulf region, India seeks to supplement its strong traditional ties with an ”ahead of the curve approach, which embraces technology and national priorities in a future-oriented action plan, a senior official of the Ministry of External Affairs said on Monday.

In his remarks at the 13th India-Israel Forum, MEA Secretary (CPV&OIA) Sanjay Bhattacharyya said the West Asia and Gulf region has seen its fair share of conflict. ”Despite progress and development across the region, economic growth eluded many and religious radicalisation and extremism played a role in the spread of violence and terrorism,” he said.

The growth of non-state actors, sometimes taking advantage of failed states and support from external agencies, complicated the scenario, he noted. Bhattacharyya said there is a need for reforms to bring moderation in ideology, to revive tolerance and pluralism in society, and to build conditions for peace, development and stability for all.

”We welcomed the recent rapprochement between Arab states and Israel leading to the normalisation of relations. This could improve prospects for a brighter future for the region,” he said. ”

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