GMR Hyderabad Intl Airport goes ‘smart’ with India’s first ‘IoT enabled Smart Trolleys’

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In line with the flagship Digital India Programme of the Government of India, GMR led Hyderabad International Airport has introduced the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Smart baggage trolleys, becoming India’s first Airport to deploy IoT for tracking and maintaining the availability of baggage trolleys for passengers in the real-time across the airport.

SGK Kishore, ED-South and Chief Innovation Officer, GMR Airports said, “Hyderabad International Airport has been the flag bearer of innovation and technology adoption in many ways and has pioneered many innovative digital solutions to scale up our service and operational excellence.”

“After the successful marquee projects like domestic and international E-boarding and face recognition trials, we are revolutionising the way baggage trolleys are managed with the adoption of IoT as a smart and intelligent solution to help enhance passenger experience and also enable smooth operations and inventory management. Smart baggage trolley is one of the many initiatives as part of our digital excellence transformation and journey,” he added.

The airport has deployed LoRa (Long Range) IoT platform for the Airport Baggage Trolley Project. The entire fleet of 3,000 baggage trolleys has been enabled with IoT technology.

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