Eye on China, India sets up coastal radars in neighbourhood

By India Today

Looking to counter China’s influence and increasing presence in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), India is setting up coastal surveillance radar systems in the neighbourhood as part of its policy to enhance military diplomacy that will also lead to increased security measures in these friendly countries.

While the radars meant for maritime surveillance have already been installed in Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Seychelles, these will be very soon set up in Maldives, Myanmar and Bangladesh, sources in the security establishment said.

“Similar projects are under proposal for Maldives and Myanmar while Bangladesh is at an advanced stage and at least 12 other countries are perceived for a similar requirement,” said an official privy to the detail.

The Coastal Surveillance Radar system is capable of detecting small boats, fishing vessels, ships and monitors any illegal activities in the sea.

India has been looking to enhance assistance to friendly countries in the neighbourhood as China’s influence is on the rise in the India Ocean Region. Recently, India handed over INS Sindhuvir to Myanmar, making it the first submarine in its naval fleet.

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