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Dynamatic Technologies Limited completes the First Front Fuselage Final Operation Clearance (FOC) Configuration for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Dynamatic Technologies Limited has built the first front fuselage for the FOC version of the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA).

This is the first time a complex fuselage section for a supersonic fighter aircraft has been built by a private sector company. Dynamatic has been a preferred production partner for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for over three decades on all their major platforms. The completion of the First Front Fuselage was witnessed by Mr. R. Madhavan, Chairman & Managing Director and other Senior Executives from HAL.

The event was virtually addressed by Dr. Ajay Kumar, Defence Secretary, Government of India. Dr. Ajay Kumar, Defence Secretary, said “I am really happy and honored to join in this historic occasion, when the first front fuselage of LCA has been handed over to HAL. I would like to heartily congratulate Dynamatic and HAL LCA team who have made this joint partnership greatly successful. I think this is the model for PSU Private Industry partnership in Defence Aerospace sector and we hope that this example will hold good stead for several other partnerships by HAL and other PSUs as well.

The future generations of LCA will continuously grow. And we continue to see this as an evolutionary journey which will take India to newer heights in the fighter jet aircraft segment.”

HAL Chairman & Managing DIrector, Mr. R Madhavan said, “Dynamatic has done it again by delivering the first front fuselage of LCA Tejas. The LCA program has a requirement of 20 Aircraft sets per year and will grow with MK2 and AMCA. Dynamatic is a known and reliable supplier for HAL, and we will also look for opportunities on trainer and UAV platforms.”

Dynamatic Technologies Limited CEO & Managing Director, Dr. Udayant Malhoutra said, “Dynamatic has been privileged to be a production partner with HAL and Ministry of Defence for three decades. The Industrialization of LCA has gone through many upgrades during the build process. This is the FOC version with a mid-air refueling probe, and is a tremendous success story both for indigenous defence production, and for public-private-partnership with HAL.

About Dynamatic:

Dynamatic Technologies Limited, designs and builds highly engineered products for Automotive, Aerospace, Hydraulic and Security applications at its state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facilities in Europe and India. Dynamatic is a demonstrated leader for the development of exacting air frame structures and precision aerospace components and partners’ agencies of national importance as well as global aerospace major OEMs.

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