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Digital India under attack from Pak-China backed cyber terrorists: Report

By Times Now

Digital India is now facing threat from state-sponsored cyber terrorists from North Korea, Pakistan and China. Cyfirma, a Singapore based cyber intel firm in its latest report, “India Threat Landscape Report 2020,” has highlighted multiple cyber hacking groups which have been taking interest in India.

The intel firm in its report has specially named four hacking groups suspected to be sponsored by China, Pakistan and North Korea.

The alleged suspected state-sponsored actors, named in the report are following:

  1. Stone Panda (Chinese)
  2. Mission 2025 (Chinese)
  3. Lazarus Group (North Korean)
  4. APT36 (Pakistan).

The report further suggests that the hacking groups are eyeing to especially target government agencies, discoms and news organisations.

“Defacing websites using a weakness in web applications, data exfiltration using specialized malware, denial of service, impersonating companies’ website and launching malicious phishing campaigns,” are some ways in which the cyber terrorists plan to attack Digital India.

Speaking to Times Now, Cyfirma founder Kumar Ritesh said, “Geopolitical issues are one of the prominent reasons why India faces cyber threat. We have Pakistan, we have China and there are new nations who have realised that cybercrime is an easy way to tarnish the reputation of another nation or cause a huge financial loss or operational damage.”

Ritesh added, “There are Pakistani sponsored hacking groups, which are not necessarily from Pakistan but are known affiliates and are specifically going after defence establishments in India and other Union ministries.”

According to the report since India is a heaven for startups, and a fertile ground for technological innovation, generating a massive quantity of data that attract cybercriminals.

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