Chinese Ammunition Bunkers Part of Villages Set Up Near Dolkam Face-Off Site, Show Satellite Images

By India

China has constructed military infrastructure in villages, seven kilometres from the Doklam site where a face-off took place in 2017 between India and China, satellite images have shown.

Space firm Maxar Technologies on Sunday released the satellite imagery covering the Torsa river valley near the Bhutan-China border, which show what appears to be military-grade ammunition bunkers or storage facilities, 2.5 kilometres away from the Sinche-La pass on the eastern periphery of the Doklam plateau near the border.

Military observers said the new construction could indicate that the Chinese forces are enhancing their level of military preparedness, aimed at allowing them to fight more efficiently in case a clash broke out in Doklam.

As part of its warfare tactics, China has been setting up dual-use integrated villages close to the borders that can be used as strategic military assets by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The images showed the newly-built storage bunkers along with under construction roads. According to reports, they are strategically located on the other side of a remote village with less than three dozen residential structures.




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