Challenging China: India-Singapore to host Symbex-20 maritime exercise in Andaman Sea


The Indian Navy will host the 27th India-Singapore bilateral maritime exercise Simbex-20 in the Andaman Sea on Monday. This military exercise will be held from 23 to 25 November. Conducted annually since 1994 between the Indian Navy and the Republic of Singapore Navy, the Symbex series aims to increase joint operational capabilities and exchange excellent practices.

The country committed to increasing maritime security

These exercises’ scope and complexity have steadily increased over the past two decades, including advanced naval exercises covering a wide scope of maritime operations. The Symbex series of exercises demonstrate a high level of coordination and unity between India and Singapore. Both countries are committed to enhancing overall naval security and a rules-based international order.

Destroyer warships Rana and Chetak helicopters also included in the exercise

In the 2020 edition of Symbex, Indian Navy destroyer warship Rana and its associated Chetak helicopter will participate. Kamarota and Karmuk, the warships built in the country, will also join it. Besides, the Indian Navy’s submarine Sindhuraj and marine reconnaissance aircraft P8I will also participate in the exercise.

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