Can Private Investment in the Space Sector help the Indian military?

By ORF Online

The announcement of a new set of space policy guidelines by the Department of Space (DoS) and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) under the Modi government is indeed refreshing, and it promises to make the Indian space sector very dynamic.

There are a slew of measures that are likely to be implemented as part of the newly released space policy guidelines. It allows foreign companies to set-up facilities in India and enables Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the space sector. FDI is one of the most important features of these changes in investment rules under the new space policy.

Joint ventures between foreign companies and Indian entities will allow new facilities to be established. These Joint Ventures (Jvs) could include collaborative development of satellites. Even in the absence of any external collaboration, Indian start-ups and companies can and will be an integral part of developing space technology and infrastructure and commercialisation.

The consequences of and possibilities for the commercial and scientific segment of the Indian space sector are enormous in that they will bring greater and better technology, introduce India to the best international practices and expertise as well as attract Indian youth to pursue vocations in space science and technology.

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