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Bengaluru company’s artificial intelligence tool to interpret cross-border Mandarin intercepts

A Bengaluru firm with expertise in conversational artificial intelligence (AI), whose solution delivered last year is also being used by the Indian armed forces on the western and eastern borders, has now developed a new integrated speech recognition-based solution that can help interpret cross-border intercepts along India’s northern and northeastern borders.

The end-to-end voice translation system developed by uses automatic speech recognition (ASR), machine translation and speech-to-text to convert Mandarin to English and is designed to help armed forces, intelligence agencies and local law enforcement authorities in improving communication systems and giving substantial leeway to the defence forces.

The firm has used more than 8,000 hours of audio data — four major dialects of Mandarin — to train the machine, and the firm’s co-founder and CTO, Ananth Nagaraj, told TOI the tool would transform and improve the communication systems and help strengthen armed forces.

The solution has a wide range of applications that includes cross border intelligence, voice surveillance, monitoring telephone/internet conversations, intercepting radio/satellite communication and to bridge interactions during border meetings and joint exercises.

The firm also said that their tool has features like noise reduction, dialect/accent detection and support for all audio file formats.

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