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Army nod to Uttarakhand non-Gorkhas in Gorkha Rifles

By Indian Express

In a major policy decision, the Army Headquarters has sanctioned the recruitment of non-Gorkha personnel from Uttarakhand into select Gorkha Rifles (GR) regiments. The move, which shall come into effect from the next recruitment cycle, will make eligible Garhwali and Kumaoni youth from Uttarakhand to join GR.

At present, the Indian Army has approximately 40 GR battalions.

Till now, only Nepal-Domiciled Gorkhas (NDG) and Indian-Domiciled Gorkhas (IDG) were recruited into GR regiments, with a ratio of 60-40 maintained between Nepalese and Indian troops in a GR battalion. However, an all-Indian Gorkha battalion was also raised in a regiment a few years back.

Highly-placed sources informed The Indian Express that the approval to induct non-Gorkha personnel has been given for three of the seven GR regiments.

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