Arab world witnesses a reset, moves closer to India


On Wednesday, Indian External Affairs Minister was in West Asia. He was meeting top leaders of the gulf world. Pakistan on the other hand was getting snubbed overtime.

UAE has stopped issuing visa to Pakistanis because of security reasons, say reports. The gulf is gradually pulling away from Pakistan and coming closer to India. Pakistan has done enough, and more to disappoint its Arab allies.

But there are likely more reasons behind Arab World shunning Pakistan

Firstly, there is Pakistan’s obsession with Kashmir. This obsession has been there since 1947. Pakistan has fought wars, framed its foreign policies around Kashmir, exported terror to Kashmir, moved world bodies over Kashmir. And after India abolished the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan threatened the OIC Chair, Saudi Arabia just because it refused to hold a special session over Kashmir.

But Pakistan’s threats to Riyadh were duly registered and that is one of the reasons why gulf countries sidelined Pakistan. The gulf has grown to realise that anchoring ties on religion alone will not give it long term allies.

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