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Watch: India’s First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Vikrant Seen In New Videos And Pictures Of Cochin Shipyard

By swarajyamag

New pictures and videos of India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier, also known as IAC-1 and Vikrant, have emerged on the internet. The under-construction aircraft carrier can be seen in pictures and videos which capture the landing of a seaplane from the Maldives in the Venduruthy channel in Kochi on Sunday (25 October) for refueling.

The aircraft was heading towards Gujrat’s Ahmedabad, where it will fly between the Sabarmati riverfront and the Statue of Unity.

Reports suggest that the indigenous aircraft carrier is likely to undergo basin trials this month. Basin trials were earlier scheduled to take place in September but could not happen due to slow progress on construction and outfitting amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Sea trials are likely to take place in December.

The harbor trials of the ship, which is in the last stage of construction at the Cochin Shipyard, were completed in August this year

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