Vistara takes multiple steps to ensure safety onboard amid COVID-19 pandemic

By ET News

From giving beverages in single-use disposable cups to thoroughly cleaning cutlery, blankets and pillows, Vistara is taking adequate precautions to make flying completely safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. A spokesperson of the airline, in a statement, said Vistara will continue to use rotable trays, crockeries and cutleries which are thoroughly washed by automated machines and air-dried at high temperature.

“These rotables are subsequently inspected by the QA (quality assurance) team of Vistara’s caterer,” the spokesperson asserted.

“Beverages are permitted to be served only in single-use disposable units by authorities in keeping with the current situation,” he said.

Scheduled international passenger flights have been suspended in India since March 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, special passenger flights have been permitted to operate between India and around 20 countries under the bilateral air bubble arrangements.

Under such air bubble arrangements, Vistara is also operating its international flights.

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