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US trying to create rift between China, Russia: Chinese official

China on Friday accused the US of trying to sow discord in its close ties with Russia and asserted that the strategic partnership between the two countries is strong enough to withstand the pressure.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said this responding to a question on Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov”s reported remarks that “ideas that Russia and China will play by sets of western rules under any circumstances are deeply flawed.”

Asked for his comments to Lavrov’s assertion in an interview with a channel that the US is putting aside diplomatic principles and called on Russia to help it contain China, Zhao said that Washington is trying to drive a wedge between Beijing and Moscow.

“In response to a certain country’s attempt to sow discord between China and Russia, Lavrov on many occasions has explicitly expressed opposition and serious criticism of such attempts to drive a wedge between China and Russia and it is not a behaviour major countries do,” Zhao said.

“Some country tries to stir up troubles between China and Russia. China completely agrees with Russia’s position. Facts have proven that the under the strategic guidance of the two leaders the China-Russia strategic partnership of coordination for the new era is stable solid and resilient,” he said.

“It is vibrant and can withstand pressure and the test of various risks and challenges,” he said.

“China cherishes high-level political mutual trust and strategic coordination with Russia and will continue to work with Moscow for new outcomes in our bilateral ties,” he said.

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