US elections and its impact on India-Russia ties

The 2020 US elections are being followed keenly in India, as they are in many other parts of the world. India’s direct stakes in the outcome are relatively minor. Both major party candidates — Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden — have indicated a willingness to improve relations with New Delhi, although with different areas of emphasis.

Trump’s visit to India in February left a positive impression. Biden himself described the US-India relationship as a “special bond” and committed to continue “standing with India in confronting the threats it faces in its own region and along its border.” He has also committed to working with India to expand trade, tackle global challenges such as the climate crisis, and strengthen democracy.

The indirect implications of the election for India, however, might be more significant. After all, the election outcome will affect US foreign policy, such as relations with China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

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