Ukraine blames Russia of fake propaganda for thwarting IAF contract

By Sify

It was recently reported that Motor Sich’s majority stakes were owned by the China’s Skyrizon and it had access to advanced military technology. However, in a letter written to the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Motor Sich CEO has made a strong case against China holding major stakes in the company.

Though the contract has not yet been awarded but having a Chinese footprint in an Indian defence contract is a matter of concern, especially at a time when both countries are embroiled in a border scuffle for the past many months.

In his letter to Joint Secretary & Acquisition Manager (Air) Sanjai Singh, Boguslayev hits out at the Russian Federation for trying to scuttle the deal through planted articles in the media. “These articles contained false information that Motor Sich JSC is owned and operated by a Chinese company and that it does not have rights to perform ROH (repair and overhaul) of VK-2500-03 engines.

In our opinion, the purpose of these articles is an attempt to discredit Motor Sich JSC and the desire to eliminate it from participation in this tender. It would be profitable for the Russian side to have no competitors in all tenders for ROH of engines for helicopters of the Indian Air Force, which would allow Russian companies to repair engines at inflated prices.”

He further cites a similar previous tender of 2016 for the repair of VK-2500-03 engines for MI-17V5 helicopters, which it won eventually but not without hiccups as there too Russia apparently tried to scuttlle Ukraine’s chances by similar means.

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