This Indian BrahMos supersonic cruise missile with increased firepower can easily penetrate Chinese defence

DRDO is conducting new tests to strengthen the army. Under this, DRDO increased the firepower of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile and launched it with indigenous boosters. Also successfully tested it.

BrahMos supersonic cruise successfully tested with an extended-range missile, which can hit targets at distances over 400 km. The missile was launched with indigenous boosters under DRDO’s PJ-10 project. DRDO has increased its firepower by making indigenous boosters under the PJ-10 project in the 300 km BrahMos missile with a range of firepower. This was the second test of the extended range version of the BrahMos supersonic missile.

Indian Army and Navy conduct experiments

BrahMos is a short-range supersonic cruise missile. It can be released from a submarine, a warship, from an aircraft, or even from the ground. Russia’s NPO Machinostroyenia and India’s Defence Research and Development Organization have jointly developed it.

It is based on the technology of Russia’s P-800 Onkis cruise missile. Sea and land versions of BrahMos have already been successfully tested and assigned to the Indian Army and Navy. BrahMos is the most modern missile system ever developed by India and Russia and has made India a leader in missile technology.

BrahMos is the world’s best missile technologyThe BrahMos supersonic cruise missile flies rapidly at low altitudes and is not tracked by radar.

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