Passenger Flights Set to Become Cheaper and Faster as IAF Releases 10 Percent Airspace

by News18

As per sources, Indian Air Force has released 10 percent of military airspace to passenger commercial flights, resulting in reduction of flight time as well as overall operational cost of a flight including savings in fuel. It is being revealed by sources that more than one dozen domestic routes including Lucknow-Jaipur and Mumbai Srinagar will initially benefit from better airspace utilization and air carriers will save as much as Rs 40,000 per flight.

Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister of India earlier informed that government is working to efficiently utilize airspace over India to reduce flying time of passenger aircrafts, which will benefit both the air carriers and environment.

Currently only 60 percent of the Indian airspace is freely available for passenger aircrafts and rest is controlled by military. Utilizing the other airspace will reduce flying cost upto Rs 1000 crore by saving fuel and time. While the benefits will soak in losses incurred by airlines due to Coronavirus, it will eventually be passed to flyers, reducing ticket prices.

Earlier, PM Narendra Modi held a meeting between officials from Indian aviation industry, the Home Minister, the Finance Minister, and other senior officials of the Government of India for a comprehensive review of the strategies that could help in making India’s Civil Aviation sector more efficient.

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