Pakistan’s ex-Major General admits to the country’s role in Kashmir conflict in new book

By ET News

“On October 26 (1947), the Pakistforces captured Baramulla where only 3,000 survived out of 14,000. The troops were now only 35 miles from Srinagar when the Maharaja (Hari Singh) sent his papers of accession to Delhi asking for help”: these are the excerpts from a recently published book, Raiders in Kashmir, penned by Major General (retired) Akbar Khan of Pakistan.

The book released decades after Pakistan’s Operation Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir admits to the role of Pakistan in the conflicts in the valley. Giving out minute details of Pakistan’s aggression in Kashmir, he said that the crisis was hatched and formulated in Lahore and Pindi.

The author wrote that at the beginning of September 1947, he was asked by Mian Iftikharuddin, then a leader in the Muslim League (the ruling political party) to prepare a plan to take over Kashmir.

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